Gender-Nonconforming Patients: Asking the Right Questions Can Save Lives

Clinical Corner by Dr. Vikram Shankar Yesterday I was presented with an all too typical patient: A 16-year-old female with a plan and intent to hang herself. I went into the room and in my typical manner, introduced myself, confirmed the patient’s name, and then explained my role as treating physician. I could tell this […]

Meet our April Nurse of the Month: Brittany Hanks

Meet Brittany Hanks, our April Nurse of the Month! Look closely at her photos – you might recognize her from nights moonlighting as a “ninja.” Hi Brittany, thanks for speaking with us. How did you get into nursing? I was studying biomedical science; I was thinking about becoming a doctor and going to medical school. […]

Code Lavender: Supporting Physicians and Nurses at Work

There was a phrase you’d hear all the time during the pandemic: “healthcare heroes.”  And it was pretty easy to see why, given all the unending sacrifices our providers made. And yet – “hero” can seem too tidy a label for what our front-line teams go through every day. Healthcare is no Marvel blockbuster. Giving […]

Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Women of Tribal Health

Women’s History Month is wrapping up – and what better way to close out the month than by honoring 4 of Tribal Health’s outstanding female leaders? Below, some of our most impressive leaders talk about the valuable transformation they’re creating in healthcare, their leadership philosophy, and the women who’ve inspired their achievements.   Angelia Frederick […]

Culturally Incompetent: 7 Red Flags in Patient Visits

cultural incompetence

Culturally competent care: it’s a touchstone here at Tribal Health and (hopefully) any facility that serves Indigenous patients. But while there’s intense focus on the practices that support culturally intelligent care, somehow we rarely talk about the inverse. What exactly does cultural incompetence look like? Consider the warning signs patients might detect in a provider […]

History of the Female Physician


More than a third of all U.S. doctors today are women. The days of referring to a female physician as a “woman doctor” are (mostly) behind us. If you looked in a medical history textbook, you might think this is something new – that women did not practice medicine before modern times. And it’s true […]