Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients

Yes, we’re able to offer our clients an all-inclusive rate that covers travel, lodging, and insurance.

Yes. We conduct background checks and NPDB queries on all healthcare professionals as part of our primary source verification.

Yes. We specialize in staffing federal and Tribal 638 healthcare facilities. Our team understands the complex regulatory requirements that govern those arrangements.

We offer qualified healthcare professionals in emergency medicine, surgery, primary care, family practice, pediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry, advanced practice, nursing, and many other disciplines. Both permanent and temporary (locum tenens) options are available.

Yes. Our quality improvement plans can help with substandard care and your facility’s Joint Commission accreditation and/or CMS certification. In one emergency department, we lowered the average Door-to-Provider Time from 184 minutes to 18-22 minutes (an improvement of nearly 750%) and length of stay decreased from 532 minutes to 108 minutes, and patient volume rose by 18%. We’ve also helped facilities overcome impending closures and attain Joint Commission accreditation and CMS certification. We elevate process performance and quality of care in every engagement.

Yes, we provide onsite training and education that can help your team expand their clinical skill set without missing a shift. Our instructors have taught in top medical schools, the U.S. Peace Corps, and military combat zones – and they provide elbow-to-elbow training, competency checklists, evidence-based treatment protocols, reference guides, and virtual simulations and drills.

We can connect you to experienced grant writers who can help support you at every step of the funding process. Billions of dollars in grants are available – and they can help you apply for funding.

Yes. We partner with construction and architectural teams that can help design and build structures that fit your clinical strategy. That includes main campus facilities, residential spaces, and community centers, as well as locations throughout the reservation for medical services, ceremonial and social needs, and individual and group programs. We manage all consultants across the project spectrum for a collaborative and cohesive process.

For Providers

We offer both long-term placements and locum tenens positions.

We fill a variety of clinical positions including emergency medicine, critical care, behavioral healthcare, primary care, family practice, pediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry, advanced practice, nursing, and more.

No, we will handle all logistics for you.

Yes, as long as your license is active and in good (unrestricted) standing.

Yes, as long as you meet our malpractice carrier’s requirements.