6 Tribal Health Benefits to Help You Pay Down Debt and Boost Your Financial Life

It’s been a tough year for many Americans. Lots of us know someone out of work, prices keep going up, and credit card debt hit record highs this year. Personal finance seems to get more complex and confusing every year.

Even physicians and nurses who feel they work around the clock can struggle to manage their money. “I don’t know where my money goes,” is a common lament. That’s why Tribal Health is always adding new programs and benefits for our teams – to help them hold onto their hard-earned paychecks.

Here are 6 personal finance benefits you’ll have access to when you become a Tribal Health employee.


Our TEAMS program pays your degree program tuition in full – or for someone in your family. Are you done with your education but have a teenager heading off to college? Or a spouse who’s thinking of reentering the workforce but needs a certification first? We’ve got you covered.

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Student Loan Repayment Assistance

60% of borrowers are still paying off their student loans in their 40s. Student loan debt can hang around your neck like a millstone, making it difficult to save for retirement, buy a house, or grow your wealth.

To assist, our student loan repayment program utilizes any unused 401k contributions and contributes $ .50 on the dollar match. This is a great way to get a jump on your student loan debt and fast-track repayment while still hitting your savings and investment goals.

Healthcare Premiums

No one likes losing part of their paychecks to health insurance coverage. Tribal Health has worked hard behind the scenes in recent years to keep healthcare costs down for our team. One solution we found: a plan that is free at the employee-only coverage level. You can enjoy robust healthcare coverage without paying a premium as long as it’s just you, although that changes once you add children, spouse, or family coverage to your plan.

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Money Academy (Personal Finance School)

Some people seem to know all the personal finance tricks for managing their money, from clever tax deductions to investment tips to living comfortably on a budget. Well, now you can be one of them thanks to Money Academy, a free program we’re rolling out for all team members. Classes on budgeting, investing, 401Ks, retirement and estate planning, and other useful topics take the complexity out of personal finance and help you make your money work harder for you.

Clinician Referral Program

This passive income plan is just for our front-line healthcare teams. Anyone who works an average of 5 shifts a month for at least 3 months is eligible to participate in our Clinician Referral Program, which pays you monthly bonuses when you refer a new Physician, Registered Nurse, or Advanced Practice Provider hire.

You’ll earn $2 for every hour worked by a clinician you refer – and if they refer someone else, you’ll earn $1 for every hour that clinician works. It adds up quickly, with program participants earning bonus checks on a monthly basis.

Employee Assistance Program

Financial stress can keep you up at night, affect your work performance, and ruin relationships. If you’re worried about your finances – or any other issue – our Employment Assistance Program offers you the ability to talk to a counselor for 5 free sessions per issue. Their counselors often provide referrals to other resources that may be able to help. Confidential and free, our EAP includes text therapy, group therapy, and self-service options – and it’s available to anyone in your household. 

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The Keys to Personal Finance Freedom

Every hard-working professional deserves to enjoy financial peace of mind. We’ll roll out more information on Money Academy as it launches, but you can find out more about our personal finance benefits right now by getting in touch with us:

If you’re already a member of Team Tribal: find out more about going back to school, paying down student loan debt, or joining our Clinician Referral Program by emailing HR@tribalhealth.com.

If you’re not yet a member of Team Tribal: send your CV to jobs@tribalhealth.com to get connected with a recruiter – or you can pick a recruiter yourself by visiting our Recruiter Directory. We are growing fast and we are always interested in working with quality healthcare professionals. Not a healthcare professional? You can join our Talent Community by emailing hello@tribalhealth.com.

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