Tribal Pro Staffing


Flexible staffing options across all clinical specialties.

Locum tenens staffing offers a world of healthcare benefits, from fresh perspectives to advanced clinical expertise to flexible contract options. Tribal Pro Staffing’s physicians, nurses and medical assistants bring deep clinical expertise to your facility – delivering compassionate patient experiences and support for your staff.

All-Inclusive Rates

We offer our clients an all-inclusive rate that covers travel, lodging, and insurance. This also helps streamline the invoicing process, allowing us to focus on patient care.

Background Checks and Credentialing

We conduct background checks and run NPDB queries on all providers being considered for assignment, while our credentialing experts ensure a swift credentialing process. We handle all the non-clinical details, from recruitment to credentialing to logistics. 

Focus on Tribal Care Gaps

With a detailed understanding of Native communities and their healthcare challenges, our staff know how to dissolve process barriers, win patient trust, and tailor clinical programs to community needs. 

Community Recruitment and Education

90% of our medical scribes live within the areas we serve. We hire from within Tribal communities and pay full tuition for any student or healthcare professional pursuing a clinical degree. Our goal: to enrich Native communities with stronger employment, economic development, and healthcare literacy.

Regulatory Compliance

We specialize in staffing federal and Tribal 638 healthcare facilities – and we are experienced in the complex regulatory requirements that govern those arrangements.