Meet Our Recruiters

Adriana Reyes

Specializes in placing: physicians.

Ariana Bree (Navajo)

Specializes in placing: 1099 assignments; locum tenens. 

Brandon Cook

Specializes in placing: physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, optometrists, psychiatrists, CRNA, anesthesiologists.

Brandon is an excellent recruiter and I’ve worked with him on multiple contracts. He’s communicative, professional, and understands the needs of providers and clients. Compared to other organizations, Brandon has made my locum experiences with Tribal Health some of the best.”

Brooke Cooper

Specializes in placing: nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

Brooke is an attentive recruiter and advocate who makes you feel extremely well cared for. I would not change agencies/recruiters for any reason. If you're looking for greener pastures, I assure, the water bill will be higher."

Cierra George (Navajo)

Specializes in placing: registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Cierra is a lovely person and a great joy to work with. She regularly stays in touch with me to make sure things are going well. I missed her while she was away and am very glad that she is back!"

Daelin Cavitt

Specializes in placing: physicians and registered nurses.

Isabella Swindasz, RN

Specializes in placing: physicians, dentists, nurses, advanced practitioners, and medical assistants.

Isabella called me several months ago about the position and she hit the ground running. She continued to help me maneuver the credentialing and was in constant communication when things got pushed back - very helpful and professional."

Jaclyn Tjipto, RN (They/Them)

Specializes in placing: EM physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, dentists, and registered nurses.

Throughout the job acquisition process, Jaclyn Tjipto's exceptional and timely communication significantly contributed to a smooth and efficient experience. In addition to her excellent communication skills, Jaclyn stood out for her caring nature. Her genuine concern for candidates' well-being created a supportive environment, fostering a positive and personalized experience throughout the recruitment process. An absolute pleasure working with her."

Joselyn Meza Robles (She/Her)

Specializes in placing registered nurses and medical assistants.

Joselyn goes above and beyond in her role as a Recruiting Liaison! She is super inquisitive, kind-hearted, friendly to all, and very thorough. She seeks out the how, why, when, where and who of EVERY situation for every clinician she assists! She has been a tremendous help to me and to our Senior Recruiter. I honestly don't know how we would manage to grow and function without her on our team!"

Karla Franke, RN

Specializes in placing: emergency medicine professionals.

Lexi Diodonet, BSN, RN

Specializes in placing: emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.


Lexi has been very encouraging and kind from the first day I started with Tribal Health. She has a bright personality and positive attitude. Lexi helps to streamline the hiring process every step of the way!"

Nicole Streich, RN

Specializes in placing: pharmacists and registered nurses.

Nicole listened to what I wanted and needed for my first travel RN assignment.  She answered all my questions.  Encouraged me to extend my contract, which ended up being a blessing.  She gave me great pointers on how to approach the interview process, since I hadn’t done one in a while.  Great overall experience and a pleasure to work with.”

Pamela Amiotte (Oglala Lakota Sioux)

Specializes in placing: physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants.

Pam has been super responsive. She’s very knowledgeable and has been helpful with the entire credentialing process. I love working with her!"

Rebecca Adkins, RN

Specializes in placing: registered nurses.

I have worked in the medical field since 2001, Most recently as a Registered Nurse. I decided to get into recruiting because I feel very passionate that everyone deserves to have access to exceptional healthcare. As a recruiter, I get to connect talented providers with their ideal roles at facilities for undeserved communities. I love working with Tribal Health because they truly strive to make a generational change by providing the highest quality of care to the Native American population."

Zoe Sanabria, RN

Specializes in placing: nurses, MAs and MSAs.

I've worked for Tribal Health for 6 years. I served as a charge nurse on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in SD in the Pine Ridge Emergency Room and also in Sells Hospital Emergency Room in Arizona. I like my job because rather than just recruiting for a specific job, I can talk about my experience as a travel RN and be able to give my insight to better guide you into a travel assignment appropriate for you.