Announcing Our Residency Stipend Program

Back in the early days of Tribal Health, we were known as Tribal EM – Tribal Emergency Medicine. And though we’ve expanded into other disciplines since (like our recent launch of Tribal Behavioral Health), we maintain a strong focus on managing and staffing emergency departments in Indigenous communities. In fact, we’re growing so fast that we’re looking for more top-notch EM physicians – which is why we’re rolling out a new Residency Stipend Program that offers a financially lucrative path for today’s top EM residents.

If you’re not familiar with our mission yet, Tribal communities tend to be underserved and resource-challenged, which means they need more than just additional clinicians. Their emergency departments often need quality improvements. That means we contribute in several ways:

  1. Top-tier clinical staff
  2. Culturally sensitive care
  3. High-quality, private healthcare models
  4. Quality improvement plans that help with Joint Commission accreditation and CMS certification

How the Residency Stipend Program Works

Our Residency Stipend Program offers money when you need it most. We know many residents finish training in debt, and the program is a way to augment your personal finances now. Unlike other stipend programs that might require 2-3 years of service, our program only requires a year of working for us – so you can keep your options open.

Here’s how the program works:

  • We pay you a $2,500 monthly stipend until you complete your residency. In turn, you commit to working 12 shifts a month for Tribal Health in the year following completion of your residency.
  • You will sign a promissory note indicating that, if you leave before your year is up or if you fail to complete your residency, you’ll pay back the stipend (on a prorated basis) with interest.
  • In the final months of your residency, you’ll work 6-7 shifts for us for $175/hour. We will cover your medical malpractice, travel, and lodging during that time.
  • Once you complete your residency, you will work the 12 shifts per month (or more if you want.) We will still cover your medical malpractice, but you will cover your travel and lodging.
  • As an independent contractor, you’ll receive a 1099 tax form for any money paid to you.
  • We’ll also pay you a bonus for any physicians you recruit.

Benefits of the Residency Stipend Program

The program acts like an early sign-on bonus, assisting with your personal finances now. But working with Tribal Health offers other advantages:

Geographic flexibility

We serve facilities in different areas of the country, offering you multiple geographic options.

A great provider experience

Led by an EM physician, our organization focuses on creating an exceptional physician experience. We understand what healthcare professionals need to thrive in a medical career.

Robust compensation

We offer well-paid assignments and a rich suite of benefits.

Professional opportunities

Because we’re growing fast, we also offer leadership opportunities if you decide to keep working with us.

Meaningful work

Serving Tribal nations offers a rare opportunity to impact generational health disparities in real time. Many of our providers tell us working in these communities has been the most rewarding phase of their career.

Finally, there’s our referral program. As a member of the Residency Stipend Program, you’ll receive an initial bonus for any clinician you refer, as well as a bonus for every shift they work. The clinicians you refer don’t have to specialize in emergency medicine; we fill a variety of clinical positions in behavioral health, surgery, primary care, family practice, pediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry, advanced practice, and much more. We hire both permanent and locum tenens staff.

Is a Resident Stipend Right for You?

To qualify for our program, you must be in the last year of your program. You also must be free to work for us; if you’ve committed to a hospital, such as signing a contract or Letter of Intent, you aren’t eligible. Finally, you must submit a letter of recommendation from your current residency program.

But what about the actual experience of serving Tribal communities – is it right for you? The best way to decide that is to ask our current EM physicians. They’re happy to tell you what it’s like to help improve Native health disparities, why it’s such a rejuvenating experience, and if Tribal Health’s clinical opportunities can meet your professional goals. Just email your resume or CV to to get started.

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