Celebrate Leap Year: Eat the Frog

Happy Leap Year! (Fun fact: people born on Leap Day are called Leaplings. We don’t have a Leapling working at Tribal Health but our CEO Morgan Haynes was hired on Leap Day 2016!) The symbol of Leap Day is a frog, which makes this month the perfect time to revisit Mark Twain’s sage advice: “If […]

10 Things to Know About Our New CEO Morgan Haynes and President Whittney LaCroix

You may have noticed that changes are afoot at Tribal Health! Please join us in celebrating the recent changes to our executive team: Our President Morgan Haynes is now Chief Executive Officer. Our Chief Nursing Officer Whittney LaCroix (Sicangu Lakota) is now President. Our former CEO Dr. John Shufeldt is now Executive Chairman of the […]

Hand Hygiene, Nurse Manicures, and Infant Deaths

If you’re a nurse, you probably saw this week’s article on a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) infant who passed away due to bacteria from a nurse’s long nails. It stirred up an upsetting – but valuable – Internet conversation on hand hygiene. In fact, Google searches around nurse nails and NICU deaths increased 140% […]

Report: Where will 2024 take AI in healthcare?

One year ago, we wrote about AI or large language models (LLMs)  in healthcare. We looked at the potential for AI tools to help with staffing shortages, administrative burden, and patient education. Since then AI has mainstreamed – particularly ChatGPT, which now has 180 million monthly users. More than 92% of Fortune 100 companies are […]

Heart Health in Tribal Nations

cardiac health

You see them every February: campaigns for American Heart Month reminding us that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Riding alongside Valentine’s Day ads, we’re told to check our blood pressure, start a fitness routine, and eat healthier. That one person dies from heart disease every 33 seconds. What […]

You Live Until Age 123. Who’s Treating You?

A new healthcare staffing forecast is out … and while it doesn’t hold any surprises, it does offer a generally rosy view of the future. The staffing future, that is. The “Healthcare Staffing Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2028” looks at factors driving demand and some differences between North America, […]