Meet Our Recruiting Team: Emma Felicidario

This month our recruiter spotlight shines on a nurse recruiter some of you know – Emma Felicidario. Emma is a native of the Woodlands of Texas and a very recent newlywed who joined Tribal Health about a year ago.

Since then, Emma has become a linchpin of our recruiting team. One reason for her success: her rapport with our amazing healthcare staff. Nurse Laura Morris has nothing but praise for her, saying, “Emma is a fantastic recruiter who was available, responsive and always on my team. She was thorough and great at her job. I am incredibly grateful to her for the wonderful job she did!”

We asked Emma about her approach to recruiting and what she does when she’s not on the job.

Emma, what do you like best about being a nurse recruiter?

I love getting to build relationships with the nurses I work with and being able to support them in the background while they are helping underserved communities. I really enjoy helping people find positions they feel passionate about and fulfilled in.

Aside from that, I love getting to build relationships and impact the community through finding incredible providers.

What is your recruiting focus?

My recruiting focus is RNs, LPNs, CNAs, MAs, and MSAs.

Can you describe your philosophy as a nurse recruiter?

Treating my providers how I would want to be treated. This means lots of overcommunication and trying to support them from afar the best that I can.

If you were going out on assignment, what would be your dream location?

I would love to work on an assignment somewhere in the Pacific Northwest or Hawaii. I haven’t been to either place, but I’ve heard great things!

When you’re not at work, you are…

Most nights I’m either having dinner with friends or at the bouldering gym! I really enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. My husband and I try to go paddleboarding when the weather is nice and if we aren’t doing that, we are usually trying to find a new coffeeshop or spending time at the bouldering gym!

Any other hobbies or personal interests?

I love finding new music and photography.

Something that might surprise others about you is….

I did martial arts for 8 years!

Emma is ready to help you find a new assignment whenever you are – so reach out to her at:

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