How to Start a SANE Program in Your Indigenous Community

No one likes to think about violence. But if the unthinkable should happen – to ourselves, to our children, to an elderly parent in a care facility or a best friend in a volatile relationship – most of us assume that the right services will be available should we need them. That we can walk […]

Restoring Food Sovereignty for Native American Communities

Good health begins with nourishment, but food poverty is epic in the United States – and it’s an ongoing dilemma in Indigenous communities, where 1 in 4 Native Americans is food insecure. In Arizona’s Apache County, home to the Navajo Nation, the Zuni tribe, and the Fort Apache tribe, the rate is 30 percent. One […]

Cybercrime is a Patient Care Issue

Your worst day starts like this. The emergency department at your small hospital is full of high acuity patients. A Fentanyl overdose and an ectopic pregnancy keep your team on their toes, while a patient with a gunshot wound needs immediate surgery. And just as your surgeon is scrubbing in, the hospital’s systems go down. […]

Native American and Sober: Part 2

Last week, we talked to Lee Yaiva (Hopi), CEO of Scottsdale Recovery Center, about barriers to recovery for Native Americans. In Part 2 of our interview, Lee offers unique insights into the solutions that support Native American sobriety and success. Lee, you mentioned the importance of cultural competence for providers. What does that look like […]

Undercounted and Underserved: Data Reporting and Tribal Healthcare

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” ~ Sherlock Holmes via Arthur Conan Doyle We’re lucky enough to live in a golden age of data. Across industries, data doubles as a treasure map, steering company ships to insight gold – in theory. But when data is flawed or missing, the ship […]

Part 2: Interview with Travel Nurse 101

Last week, we talked to travel nurse influencer Brandy Pinkerton from Travel Nurse 101 about mental health. Today, we’re sharing her advice for nurses on managing their money – from retirement planning to lifestyle creep. Brandy, what are some typical spending/saving issues for nurses and other healthcare professionals? Spending and saving issues for nurses and […]