Undercounted and Underserved: Data Reporting and Tribal Healthcare

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” ~ Sherlock Holmes via Arthur Conan Doyle

We’re lucky enough to live in a golden age of data. Across industries, data doubles as a treasure map, steering company ships to insight gold – in theory. But when data is flawed or missing, the ship will go off course.  

In healthcare, Native Americans have a more than 50% change of being listed as the wrong race on hospital discharge records or on death certificates . They may be forced to choose one racial category on forms and software systems, despite 61% of the total Native population being multiracial.

These errors can feel personally disrespectful, but they also impact funding, policies, and population health strategies.

Our report, Undercounted and Underserved: How Flawed Data Reporting Hurts Tribal Healthcare, looks at why Native American data is so murky – and the measures that can improve data reporting. Take a look and see how your healthcare facility can improve its data hygiene to reap high-value insights on Indigenous health.

Read it here.

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