Meet Our Recruiting Team: Brooke Foster

This month we’re profiling the nurse recruiter you might have known as Brooke Cooper – now Brooke Foster as she recently married our Account Manager Joey Foster!

A fateful star guided Brooke’s journey to Tribal Health. Originally from Virginia, she attended fashion school in New York City and then took a job in fashion in Phoenix. “I hated it,” she says, “so I started waitressing, figuring out my next move.”

One night she waited on a table where Dr. John Shufeldt, Morgan Haynes, Joey Foster, and Brent Cavender were having dinner. It was a fortuitous moment that introduced her to both her future career and her future husband.

That was in 2019. Brooke began working as a recruiting coordinator; a year later, she became a nurse recruiter. Today she is treasured by our other recruiters for her willingness to share her wisdom, and valued by our nurses for her ability to match the right assignment to their goals.

So what is it like to work with Brooke? Luis Saenz, RN, says, “Brooke is an attentive recruiter/advocate that makes you feel extremely well cared for. I would not change agencies/recruiter for any reason. If you’re looking for greener pastures, I assure you, the water bill will be higher.”

We asked Brooke about her career change – and her advice for new recruiters.

Recruiting is a big leap from fashion. What do you like best about recruiting?

I never thought I would be in this field! I’d say my favorite thing is being able to build a connection with everyone who comes on board. When I find that perfect fit, it’s the best thing in the world. They find their new home and new family and that’s my favorite part.

As the most senior recruiter, can you describe your recruiting philosophy? 

I try to get to know them and understand what they’re looking for in a contact – money, mission, location, or another factor. Then I figure out where they’ll fit best. I don’t push anyone. I just direct them.

What are your biggest challenges?

Working with rural facilities, you can encounter challenges like housing or the drive out there – but that’s also our specialty so we know how to figure out solutions.

If you were going out on assignment, what would be your dream location?

I visited Rosebud recently and it was awesome. It was really cool to see the facility and so nice to meet everyone. It was humbling too. My next picks would be Pine Ridge and Sells.

When you’re not at work, you are…

Walking my dog, Chesney, and spending time with Reese, our new puppy! Mostly I spend time with my family and friends.

Your advice to new recruiters is….

Don’t give up on cold calling. All your leads will pay off in the end. And don’t try to be a salesperson! Get to know them first and understand what they’re trying to get out of a contract. It’s about listening to their needs and hearing them out.

Brooke is ready to help you find a new assignment whenever you are – so reach out to her at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 480-240-3211

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  1. Brooke has been so instrumental in my growth and happiness within the Tribal Health family. She always goes out of her way to make sure everything is going well when I am on assignment. If I ever have a problem or any issues arise, she makes sure to do her best to find the most practical solution. She is one of the few recruiters I have had the pleasure of using who makes me feel like I am not just another nurse out here struggling on my own once I have secured my contract. She shows actual interest in the staff she works for and lets them know it. Thank you Brooke for all of your dedication to us all!!

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