The Tribal Health Podcast is Out!

After a long wait, the Tribal Health Podcast has launched! Pairing healthcare expertise and engaging storytelling, our bi-weekly podcast will offer insightful conversations on Indigenous healthcare, wellbeing, and culture. You can listen on Spotify and Apple.

Co-host Melody Lewis, Mojave/Tewa/Hopi and an enrolled member of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, said you’ll hear about the topics that shape modern Indigenous lives, such as culture-centric care, addiction and mental health, chronic conditions in Tribal nations, women’s health, and the legacy of the forced boarding school era.

“Our goal with the Tribal Health Podcast is to give listeners in-depth conversations on the most pressing issues in Indian Country,” she said. “After a long history of injustice toward Native Americans in healthcare and government, we’re seeing a seismic cultural shift take place where non-Native people want to understand the Indigenous perspective. At the same time, Indigenous people are exploring their identities and reviving traditional ancestral practices that have been lost to cultural erasure. The podcast will provide a fresh and nuanced perspective that speaks to both Native and non-Native audiences.”

Our three co-hosts bring different perspectives from their work in the Indigenous healthcare space. They are:

  • Melody Lewis – a social entrepreneur and expert in workforce development and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, using collaborative approaches rooted in Indigenous identity.
  • Morgan Hayes – President of Tribal Health and a healthcare advocate for the underserved who is recognized for her ability to solve Indigenous care disparities with sustainable business initiatives.
  • Mario Trujillo – a cultural influencer and communications consultant who uses multi-media storytelling to build positive social, community, and economic alliances.

Morgan called the podcast “a necessary and long overdue expansion in the conversation about Indigenous health and wellbeing.” Summoning up our motivation for launching the podcast, she said, “We believe that knowledge drives change – and that real-world stories have the power to build life-changing connections. Our incredible line-up of guests includes leaders at the top of the fields who aren’t afraid to explore hot-button topics. We can’t wait to take our listeners on what we know will be a fascinating journey.”

You can check out the podcast episodes at Spotify and Apple.

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