Tribal Health hits the conference circuit

It’s been a busy month at Tribal Health! The National Alliance on Mental Illness invited us to their AZ Annual Meeting and Tribal Gathering on May 7. It was a day of connection, inspiration, and growth – and an honor to spend it with the NAMI team and the 22 AZ Tribal nations.

We also attended the National Rural Health Conference in Albuquerque May 11-12, where we presented a poster session on rural and Indigenous health. The following week, Morgan was a panelist on a session called “A Silver Lining During the Pandemic: How Small Businesses and IHS Partner to Catalyze Innovation” at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Small Business National Virtual Conference – right before we were named Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year.

Next we took our show on the road to Reservation Economic Summit in Las Vegas, where we made new friends, met Tribal leaders and other healthcare organizations, took in some fascinating presentations, and made invaluable connections.

This year’s theme was Be The Change, something perfectly mirroring our mission. RES typically features Indigenous leaders, members of Congress, federal agency representatives, state and local officials, and CEOs – and we were so excited to be part of it.

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