Scott Giles rescues snowbound nurses

Serving tribal facilities can be an adventure – often educational, sometimes demanding, but always inspiring. Sometimes that inspiration comes from the patients we serve and sometimes it comes from our colleagues.

Consider Noelle Posey. It was her first week working at Rosebud ED when a snowstorm hit South Dakota. The power went out, as did the phones for several hours. The generator was only semi-effective.

Not having safe transportation back to White River, Noelle bunked down for the night in the dark emergency room. By morning, the snow was above the bumper of her car – and she resigned herself to spending the day in the hospital, waiting for it to melt.

Luckily Scott Giles, RN Supervisor, volunteered to drive her home, along with other medical assistants and nurses who didn’t have the snow tires or 4-wheel drive required to safely navigate the blizzard. That kind of generosity goes above and beyond normal teamwork – and we’re so grateful to people like Scott that make our Tribal Health culture so rewarding. Thank you, Scott!

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