Our adventures at ACEP and Emergency Nursing 2022

Early October divided our time between 2 conferences – American College of Emergency Physicians and Emergency Nursing 2022. We sent teams to both.

Both conference booths were hopping with physicians and nurses interested in our mission. Brian Gallagher, Joe Buckley, and Pamela Amiotte held down the fort at ACEP where they met with countless ED physicians, while Whittney LaCroix, Scott Giles and Nicole Streich talked to nurse after nurse at EN22.

Marisol Nichols showed up at EN22 and proved herself to be a huge asset at our booth. It turns out Marisol is as good at helping nurses find new opportunities as she is at patient care! Everyone had a great time – and we returned from both conferences ready to work with many of the nurses and physicians we met.

Were you there? Are you headed to a conference soon? Let us know!

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