Melody Lewis and Whittney LaCroix held an AMA

Tribal Health held its first Ask Me Anything (AMA) – and it was incredible! Melody Lewis and Whittney LaCroix answered questions that tackled religion in Native communities, chronic conditions, offensive terminology, football mascots, “red flags” in Native patient encounters, and much more. We had a huge turnout – and the feedback suggested it was an enlightening and valuable hour for everyone who attended.

If you haven’t participated in an AMA before, they are non-judgmental spaces to learn, share knowledge, and dispel misconceptions. No question is dumb; no answer is obvious. It’s an opportunity to ask that secret question that’s always burned at the back of your mind and receive an insightful answer.

While that was our first Ask Me Anything, it won’t be our last. They are open to everyone – so if you’d like to attend the next one, email and we’ll add you to the list.

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