Dr. Barrows assists with the baby formula shortage

We’ve all heard about the disastrous baby formula shortages this summer. This hit one of our Great Plains communities hard when a baby was admitted after experiencing a severe seizure. She ended up on life support in the intensive care unit – where the care team discovered the baby’s mother was increasing the amount of water in the baby’s formula mix to make it last longer.

Why? She was short on formula. This is a dangerous move, as young infants cannot regulate salt-water balance well. The baby suffered from profound hyponatremia (low sodium levels) as a result. Fortunately, the team were able to save her and she is now doing well!

Inspired by that case, our Medical Director Dr. Barrows’ partner located 10 large tins of baby formula from an Austin church. Dr. Barrows sent it to the White Buffalo Calf Women’s Shelter, which helps women and children who are victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence. They rely on donations to cover their operating costs – and with plenty of of babies in the shelter, the Lakota Sioux infants were more than grateful.

A big thank you to Church Director Ana Garcia Colburn, Dr. Barrows and his partner, and the team for helping to alleviate the shortage!

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