Celebrating at Indigenous Peoples Day Phoenix Fest

How did you celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Tribal Health went to a downtown block party designed to celebrate Indigenous excellence in art, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and community building.

Our former DEI Director Melody Lewis called it “an opportunity to see and hear accurate representation of the wide diversity of Indigenous cultures, languages, and expressions of art.” The festival included a vendor market, food trucks, film screenings, a fashion show, skateboard demos, and an assortment of bands.

We got to meet Tribal leaders from different nations and states, watched a fashion show, ate dinner, and wandered through the “community zone.” As the inaugural festival, it was a huge success – and we’re betting next year’s festival will be even bigger.

The event was hosted by Cahokia SocialTech + ArtSpace, Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation, The Churchill, NDN Collective, Native Guitar Tours, Seven Layer Army skateboards, and many others.

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