Happy Holidays from Tribal Health

It’s here: what for many of us is the most blissful and meaningful time of year. Over the next week, most of us will spend time with family and maybe reflect on the past year as we make our 2024 goals. Some of us will light menorah candles or put out luminarias; some celebrated Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, last month, while others prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year in January with fireworks and lanterns.

You’ve probably noticed the common theme here. It’s light. In the darkest days of the calendar year, light is a symbol of hope. It reminds everyone that brighter days are coming. It’s why ancient peoples from Norway to Iran to Peru to Japan celebrated the Winter Solstice with rituals centered around rebirth and the sun.

We believe that brighter days have already begun in Native communities, where Tribal leaders and members are building new healthcare facilities, rolling out new education programs, and passing traditional knowledge from elders to new generations. And we believe healthcare will continue to improve – that advanced frameworks, quality improvements, culturally sensitive care, and greater Indigenous representation in medicine will improve outcomes across all Tribal nations, for all generations. Our hope this holiday season is that you support that too – and that you’ll join us in building a more equitable world of quality care for everyone.

Here’s to a bright and beautiful holiday for all.

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