Our 2024 Roadmap: Where Our Service Models Are Going

We’ve got big plans for 2024 – and we’re sure you do, too. Let’s see if they align.

Last year we continued our trend of year-over-year growth – and we’re on track to expand further this year with a lineup of new contracts in new states. Along with supplying physicians and nurses from our robust provider network, we’ll be providing practice management at more facilities and we’ve added executive direct hire service models as well. We’ll also roll out some tailored consulting services, such as a special offering to help facilities with Joint Commission accreditation. These will be available to all hospitals – whether they normally work with us or not.

We’ll also provide free cultural competency training that specifically focuses on Indigenous patient care for all facilities. We’ll continue to roll out our complimentary STEM curriculum for any high school in Native communities.

In short, we’ll keep growing and innovating and staying responsive to a swiftly evolving industry. But the biggest change isn’t really coming from our service models – it’s coming from facilities who are changing their approach to sourcing clinical talent. We’ve noticed it in the rise of hospital and clinic leaders who approach us for packaged services. And that’s a reflection of…

Staffing Changes and Tribal Health Service Models

As we mentioned in our summary of the NALTO conference, healthcare facilities are looking for different service packages and skills from their partners. Once, they typically operated by a plug and play model that might toss workers from 7 different organizations into one department. This was especially common in emergency departments. The facility would contact different staffing companies with no healthcare background or back-office support, and those agencies would recruit clinicians and drop them into situations with no preparation or support. The inevitable outcome: nurses and physicians found themselves working with strangers of sometimes dubious quality and limited experience.

This wasn’t good for productivity or patient care or provider retention. That’s why Tribal Health from the start grew a high-quality provider network and reliable practice management teams who collaborated effectively and earned patient trust. Today our client facilities – and others – have seen the value of this approach and they are shifting toward our model. These changes include:

  1. Outsourcing functions beyond just emergency rooms, as we’ve seen in the expanding requests across multiple departments and specialties.
  2. Looking for provider networks that are clinically led, with a strong healthcare background and end-to-end support such as credentialing, payroll, scheduling and HR.
  3. Prioritizing flexibility and versatility. Facilities want to work with one solutions provider that can accommodate the mercurial world of healthcare, able to shift between direct hire, locums, developing new policies and procedures, training permanent staff,  bringing in a strike team, and whatever other services they need.

The status quo just doesn’t work anymore. Hospitals are demanding higher visibility and accountability. They recognize the versatility and richness of our model and it’s catching on across the industry.

Meeting New Friends, Partners, and Providers in 2024

Four years into the pandemic, it’s clear that the way people handled COVID defined their future. We are proud of the way Tribal Health addressed the pandemic and its often complicated repercussions. We know our biggest asset is our people, and we did what was in the best interest of our patients and providers – not the bottom line. We’ll continue that approach going forward in our service models, finding ways to improve the provider experience and bring culturally intelligent care to all patients. So we’ll close this by saying we are so grateful to work with our clients and our caring and diligent healthcare team – and we’re excited to explore this expanded horizon with them at our side. Maybe you’ll be one of them.

Where will your 2024 journey take you?

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