Our 2022 Book and Podcast Recommendations for Health and Wellness

Time for a February check-in: how are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? If you’re like a lot of us, you probably committed to a few new practices this year like getting more sleep, buying new fitness equipment, or cutting back on your screen time. Maybe this is the year you get active in a community project or take courses to elevate your career opportunities. Whatever your goal is, a fresh year seems like the perfect opportunity to explore untried paths to wellness, self-care, happiness, and achievement.

As the Tribal Health team talked about our personal and professional goals, we discovered that many of us were turning to specific books and podcasts to achieve our 2022 goals. If you need a resolution reboot, maybe you’ll find them helpful too.

The Books We’re Reading

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

Can breathing techniques change your life? A New York Times Bestseller and Amazon Best Science Book of 2020, Breath offers methods to be calmer, healthier, and more creative.

The Sleep Fix: Practical, Proven, and Surprising Solutions for Insomnia, Snoring, Shift Work, and More by Diane Macedo

30% of the population suffers insomnia. ABC anchor Diane Macedo interviewed sleep experts all over the world to help us get better sleep – even if we work unpredictable schedules.

Lifespan by Dr. David Sinclair

Based on longevity research from Dr. Sinclair’s Harvard lab, this book explores both emerging technologies and simple lifestyle changes that can help us be healthier and live younger for longer.

High Conflict by Amanda Ripley

Amanda Ripley deconstructs the “why” of conflict and how we can use healthy conflict as a force for constructive change.

The Miracle Equation by Hal Elrod

Advice for overcoming health challenges, beating the odds, and producing extraordinary results.

How to Write One Song by Jeff Tweedy

No songwriting skills? No problem. Grammy winner Jeff Tweedy opens a door to unleashing your creative energies and living a lighter and more inspired life.

Burnout: Unlocking the Secret of the Stress Cycle by Emily Nagoski

An explanation of how women and men experience burnout differently – and tips for managing emotions, reducing stress, and living more joyfully.

Hello, Habits by Fumio Sasaki

Using cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and sociology, this book helps us move past old misperceptions about “willpower” and “talent” to create positive new habits and leave behind those that don’t serve us.

The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter

It’s an old saying: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” But what comes after that? According to Michael Easter, that would be better health, creativity, happiness, and even a cure for burnout.

The Podcasts We’re Listening To

The Doctor’s Kitchen

Dr. Rupy interviews chefs, farmers, neuroscientists, and nutritionists to explain how we can improve our health with each bite.

The Happiness Lab

What does it take to be happy? Does it take more money, a beautiful soulmate, or a prestigious job? This podcast shares scientific research and real stories about increasing the joy and contentment in our lives.

TedTalks Health

How do cancer cells communicate? What do psychedelics do to your brain? What’s the best treatment for depression? Positive and informative, this podcast shares well-researched presentations on medical breakthroughs and wellbeing.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Actors, comedians, artists, writers, and doctors share their experiences with addiction, negative thinking, mental illness, trauma, and fear – with discussions aimed at normalizing their struggles.

The Nutrition Diva

No time for long podcasts? A licensed nutritionist and culinary school graduate offers digestible, 10-minute episodes on eating well and improving your health.


Dedicated to Indigenous women’s health and wellbeing, this podcast offers conversations with artists, activists, researchers, doctors, and Indigenous healthcare workers. All episodes are guided by an advisory board of Elders, mothers, and daughters from Tribal nations.

Emotional Badass

This podcast offers “emotional education” through tips on mindfulness, mental health, life wisdom, wellness, and finding your life purpose.

The Food Heaven Podcast

Registered dietitians and diabetes educators share advice for healthy eating and healthy living.

Medicine Talkers

From the Native American Center of Health Professionals, podcast hosts examine healthcare through an Indigenous lens – from the clinic to the classroom to the community.

Found My Fitness

Science-based wellness from Rhonda Patrick, who interviews experts on topics like reversing Alzheimer’s disease or the benefits of the keto diet.

What are you reading and listening to this year? Tell us in the comments!

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